About us

Scotsquare – the local portal for properties and jobs across Scotland

Scotland – it's a unique and extraordinary place. That's exactly why Scotsquare was created, to provide a dedicated platform for those living and working in this special nation. Focussing specifically on local property and jobs, Scotsquare is the first portal devoted solely to opportunities in Scotland.

Whether you are a landlord, estate agent, vendor, buyer or tenant, Scotsquare will make your property transaction a breeze, connecting you with local interested parties. For those seeking or offering employment, a wealth of opportunities are at your fingertips in the local neighbourhood or further afield across Scotland.

Those with homes or premises for sale or to let can showcase the best features of their property, writing their own descriptions to highlight the unique features of their apartment, flat, house or studio. Landlords, vendors and agents also have the freedom to upload their own photographs, making sure the location is shown in its very best light. Scotsquare also offers collaboration with professional partners such as conveyancers, photographers, and removal firms – making the process that much easier.

Prospective tenants and purchasers can find property that suits their needs and budget – whether an apartment, detached house, warehouse, plot of land, or another property type altogether. They can also narrow their choice down by location and sub-location.  The site allows tenants and buyers to see available property across the whole of Scotland at a glance or dial right down to a specific type and area of the country.

No one knows Scotland like the Scots – let Scotsquare be your guide.